This page (including documents to which it refers) describes the Terms and Conditions of Sale, or the terms and conditions under which Azienda Agricola Emilia provides products and / or services displayed on its website www.aziendaagricolaemilia.it.
We encourage you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Sale before placing an order.
By ordering a product and / or service from our website, you declare having read and approved the Terms and Conditions of Sale below.

By placing a purchase order on our website, the customer guarantees to be aged 18 and upwards and has the legal capacity and / or is legally authorised to conclude contracts of purchase.

In 1998, Azienda Agricola Emilia has become part of a big family: the “Nuova cooperativa casearia la Spilambertese” dairy farm composed of 21 members, all farmers and contributing companies therein.
The dairy farm works with 20 boilers, 4 of which are devoted solely to the manufacture of our milk and 8 wheels of the daily 40 total of the dairy farm are obtained from these. The wheels are easily traceable to the contributing partner as the number of the boiler from which it came is imprinted thereon and this allows the cheese processed using our milk to be sold in retail.

The wheels for sale online are chosen carefully, thanks to the experience of the cheese-maker, to give the customer a cheese of the highest quality, ensuring the best taste and aroma that only Parmigiano Reggiano can provide.
The selected cheese is cut in the traditional way, which means the weight of the pieces is not completely uniform and there may be slight differences in weight (tolerance +/- 2%).

The cut pieces are vacuum packed to ensure the integrity of the cheese characteristics and the preservation lasts 6 months at a temperature of 4/8 degrees.
The pieces of cheese shipped away from Italy, are packaged in special insulated EPS (sintered expanded polystyrene) containers for food, refrigerated in a suitable Gel Green Ice bag, to ensure proper storage for the time necessary to deliver the product.
On request, with an additional cost of € 2.90, you can also send in Italy in insulated containers.

Minimum order quantity accepted: 1Kg
Maximum quantity of accepted online order: 50 Kg. (For supplies above the maximum threshold, please ask for custom quote.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. Transport costs are identified separately, also including VAT.

The shipment takes place via courier.

After receipt of the purchase order via payment by credit card or cash on delivery, the shipping will take place on the same day or the next business day following receipt of the order at the latest, only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Orders received between Wednesday afternoon and Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.
When using payment via bank transfer, the ordered products will be shipped upon accreditation to the company’s bank account where this occurs on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Delivery times: the package will be delivered the next business day via courier (2 business days for Calabria and Islands).
Azienda Agricola Emilia is not responsible for any delays caused by the courier, but will take action to ensure the delivery is successfully carried out on schedule.

For delivery in Italy:
Destination Italy excluding Sardinia and Sicily and Calabria municipalities disadvantaged (look: List of municipalities Italian disadvantaged)
From 1 to 10 Kg di formaggio: 8,00 €
From10,1 to 20,00 Kg di formaggio: 10,00 €
From20,1 to 30,00 Kg di formaggio: 13,50 €
From30,1 to 50,00 Kg di formaggio: 17,00 €
Delivery: 1 day
Destination Sicily Sardinia e Calabria
From1 to 10 Kg di formaggio: 12,00 €
From10,1 to 20,00 Kg di formaggio: 13,00 €
From20,1 to 30,00 Kg di formaggio: 20,00 €
From30,1 to 50,00 Kg di formaggio: 24,00 €
Delivery: 2 days
Destination municipalities Italian disadvantaged (Look at: List of municipalities Italian disadvantaged)
From1 to 10 Kg di formaggio: 12,00 €
From10,1 to 20,00 Kg di formaggio: 13,00 €
From20,1 to 30,00 Kg di formaggio: 20,00 €
From30,1 to 50,00 Kg di formaggio: 24,00 €
2 days

For delivery in Europe:

DA 1 A 3 KG € 16,50 € 19,50 € 18,50 € 20,00
DA 3,5 A 6 KG € 20,50 € 26,00 € 26,50 € 29,50
DA 6,5 A 10 KG € 24,00 € 35,00 € 32,50 € 36,00
DA 10,5 A 14 KG € 28,50 € 45,50 € 40,00 € 44,00
DA 14,5 A 18 KG € 40,50 € 52,50 € 46,50 € 48,00
DA 18,5 A 22 KG € 52,50 € 62,50 € 67,50 € 74,00
DA 22,5 A 29 KG € 62,50 € 79,50 € 74,00 € 81,50
DA 29,5 A 38 KG € 77,22 € 96,00 € 91,50 € 100,00
DA 38,5 A 50 KG € 111,50 € 136,00 € 128,50 € 141,00
DA 1 A 3 KG € 30,50 € 35,00 € 30,50
DA 3,5 A 6 KG € 43,00 € 45,00 € 43,00
DA 6,5 A 10 KG € 57,00 € 56,50 € 57,00
DA 10,5 A 14 KG € 79,00 € 70,50 € 79,00
DA 14,5 A 18 KG € 91,00 € 78,50 € 91,00
DA 18,5 A 22 KG € 103,00 € 87,00 € 103,00
DA 22,5 A 29 KG € 124,50 € 105,50 € 124,50
DA 29,5 A 38 KG € 146,00 € 123,50 € 146,00
DA 38,5 A 50 KG € 212,50 € 172,00 € 212,50

To calculate the shipping costs, you will find a handy simulator in the cart summary page. It is sufficient to enter the destination of the shipment to know in advance the costs.

You can use the following forms of payment to purchase products on aziendaagricolaemilia.it:

Credit card
Bank transfer
COD (cash or check on delivery), with an additional fee (Only for direct shipments to Italy)

The bank details are as follows:
IBAN: IT61H063856706107400000892L
Swift code: IBSPIT2BXXX
C/C payable to:
Azienda Agricola Emilia
Via Foschiero, 782 – 41057 Spilamberto (MO)
presso Carisbo
The reason for payment must indicate the order number assigned during purchase.

When paying by bank transfer, the shipment of products will take place after receiving payment.
The time the bank to transfer the payment can take up to 4/5 working days.
When paying by COD, an additional expense of EUR 4.00 is always applied.
For other payment methods (bank transfer, Paypal, Credit Card, Postepay) there are no extra fees other than the shipping costs.

Purchases made on our website are subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999, dictated with regard to distance contracts, in cases where the delivery of the goods occurs at the residence of the purchaser, as such purchases are completed outside the business premises. The importance of the above law is embodied in the provision concerning the purchaser’s right of withdrawal as provided by the Consumer Code Legislative Decree 206/05 (former right of withdrawal) and Legislative Decree 21/2014.
To exercise the right of withdrawal and to return your products, send a notification letter to:
Azienda Agricola Emilia
Via Foschiero, 782 – 41057 Spilamberto (MO)
or by email: info@aziendaagricolaemilia.it
within 14 working days from the date of delivery of the goods.

The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:
– it does not apply to unsealed products if open;
– the products must be packaged using the cool pack that Azienda Agricola Emilia include in the packaging and this should be refrozen appropriately.
– the shipment until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is under the responsibility of the customer;
– AZIENDA AGRICOLA EMILIA is not liable in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned with uninsured shipments.
AZIENDA AGRICOLA EMILIA will refund the customer the full amount paid minus shipping charges and ancillary costs, within 14 days of the return of goods, by transferring the amount owed to the customer’s credit card or bank account. In the latter case, the customer shall promptly provide the necessary bank details for the refund (IBAN).
For further information on how to return the goods, contact AZIENDA AGRICOLA EMILIA on + 39 059 8676146 or by e-mail info@aziendaagricolaemilia.it

All data is transmitted and processed within the utmost respect for the Privacy Act. It will be used for the sole purpose of completing your orders or, where you authorise us to do so, to inform you of deals, promotions or contests on the website aziendaagricolaemilia.it
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